Causam Enterprises makes the power grid a business opportunity for everyone connected

Causam Enterprises is a holding company on a mission to empower all grid participants to make money.
How? By creating the network, tools and software that vastly simplifies power grid interactions, which saves time, energy and money.

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Here’s who can benefit:
– building and campus owners/operators
– utilities and retail electric providers
– owners of solar and power generators

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If you’re a company or industry who own microgrids or Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Power Analytics provides software and energy management services. Visit

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Causam Energy offers
– access to the core IP of the next generational transactional grid
– access to the software that enables and powers the grid
– the tools for how the new distributed grid gets measured, verified, cleared, and paid
– advanced energy financial settlements. and blockchain settlements for next generation transaction grid

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