Method And Apparatus For Actively Managing Consumption Of Electric Power Over An Electric Power Grid

US Patent # 9678522

Abstract: A client device manages consumption of power supplied by an electric utility to multiple power consuming devices. Power flow to the power consuming devices is selectively enabled and disabled by one or more controllable devices controlled by the client device. The client device receives a power control message from a load management server. In one embodiment, the power control message indicates at least one of an amount of electric power to be reduced and an identification of at least one controllable device to be instructed to disable a flow of electric power to one or more associated power consuming devices. Responsive to the power control message, the client device issues a power management command or instruction to one or more controllable devices under the client device’s control. The power management command causes the controllable device(s) to disable a flow of electric power to at least one associated power consuming device.

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