System And Method For Generating And Providing Dispatchable Operating Reserve Energy Capacity Through Use Of Active Load Management To Compensate For An Over-Generation Condition

US Published Pending Application # 2012/0245753

Abstract: A utility employs a method for generating available operating reserve. Electric power consumption device(s) serviced by the utility is determined during period(s) of time to produce power consumption data, stored in a repository. A determination is made that a control event is to occur during which power is to be reduced to one or more devices. Prior to the control event and under an assumption that it is not to occur, power consumption behavior expected of the device(s) is generated for a time period during which the control event is expected to occur based on the stored power consumption data. Additionally, prior to the control event, projected energy savings resulting from the control event, and associated with a power supply value (PSV) are determined based on the devices’ power consumption behavior. An amount of available operating reserve is determined based on the projected energy savings.

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