System, Method, And Apparatus For Settlement For Participation In An Electric Power Grid

US Published Pending Application # 2017-0308969A1

Abstract: Systems and methods for market-based financial settlement of transactions within an electric power grid are disclosed. At least one active grid element is constructed and configured in Internet Protocol (IP)-based network communication with a settlement processor via at least one coordinator in real-time or in a predetermined timeframe. The at least one active grid element generates revenue grade metrology data based on measurement and verification for a participation of the at least one active grid element in the electric power grid. The at least one active grid element provides automated messaging to the settlement processor. The settlement processor provides a market-based financial settlement message based upon the revenue grade metrology data and a kilowatt packet (KWP) unit. The KWP unit provides a quantifying market rate for monetization for any unit of kilowatts with respect to time.

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