Systems And Methods For Advanced Energy Settlements, Network-Based Messaging, And Software Applications For Electric Power Grids, Microgrids, Grid Elements, And/Or Electric Power Networks

US Published Pending Application # 2016/0203569

Abstract: Systems and methods for advanced energy settlements in electric power grid are proposed. At least one energy customer, at least one retail electric provider and at least one distributed generator connect to an advanced energy settlement platform communicatively. The advanced energy settlement platform is operable to summate a customer balance from all the settlement blocks during a billing period and collect payments from the at least one energy customer automatically; aggregate and settle distributed energy charges with distributed generators and fixed energy charges with the energy retailer or retail energy provider for the at least one energy customer during the billing period. The advanced energy settlement platform also provides interactive graphical user interface for different participants in the advanced energy settlement and for advanced energy settlements application development kit (ADK) for access to functionality within the advanced energy settlement platform.

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