Systems And Methods For Advanced Energy Network

US Published Pending Application # 2017/0083989

Abstract: A multiplicity of participants comprising utility operators, distributed energy resource (DER) providers, vendors/aggregators, energy customers, and utility financial officers, are communicatively connected to a platform. The platform provides interactive interfaces for each type of participant to access the platform over communication network. Utility operators are enabled to view and control DER in a certain area via an interface for utility operators. DER providers are enabled to interconnect DER packages to a utility grid via an interface for DER providers. Vendors/aggregators are enabled to view and manage their portfolios via an interface for vendors/aggregators. Energy customers are enabled to view energy information, shop for new products or services, and manage rate plans via an interface for marketplace. Utility financial officers are enabled to view revenue streams from the platform to a utility via an interface for financial settlement.

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